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Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

health is one of the important goods in most people's life.
Nevertheless mankind has to deal with lots of diseases, house-dust-allergies and asthma are some of them. Therefore, being convinced that hygienic living conditions are essentially important to fight these diseases, 20 years ago I decided to sell central vacuum cleaners as a part of modern house technology.

At this time it was extremely risky and difficult to make investments without knowing, whether we would finally overcome all the technical problems - and more, all the scepticism of the people involved in house construction and house technology. But we started and constantly moved on. The high European qualtiy requirements lead to further important improvements of our products.

Since the year 2000 we sell our BVC inlet valve, famous for its solid manufacturing, best possible sealing and its modern timeless design. Also we took care for its quick and easy assembly with our convenient installation equipment.

At this time it was also a challenge for me, to produce a central vacuum cleaner with the latest state-of-the art technology in an optimized manufacturing process. Finally, with the beginning of the new millenium, we were ready to start the production according to most modern standards.

Today people all over the world highly appreciate the BVC central vacuum cleaners as a product of hig-level quality and technology. Meanwhile we export our products all over Europe and to 25 further countries , among them Australia, Russia and the Far and Middle East.

By our slogan „Made in Germany is a matter of honour“ we want to respond to the high quality standards of our customers, sharing with them the profound conviction that central vacuum cleaners are an important help for healthy and hygienic living conditions.

With best regards,

Robert Schmitt




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Today people all over the world highly appreciate the BVC central vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems as a product of high-level quality and technology.